Efforts to protect wildlife in Yucatan continue

Four species of sea turtles arrive on the Yucatan coasts, turtle camps are in charge of protecting them. Photo: (Televisa)

Sea turtle nesting area under surveillance

During this summer vacation, the third Sunday of the year attracted a large number of diners to the restaurants on the Malecon in the port of Progreso.

A tour showed that the restaurants facing the sea were well occupied, and one of them even set up outdoor tables for the first time on the boardwalk and protected its customers from the sun using large beach umbrellas.

However, the influx of tourists is less than it was before the closing of the Malecon beach area.

The tourist attraction El Corchito, which is near the road distributor at the entrance to the port, on the road to Chicxulub, also registered a good number of visitors because there were many vehicles in the parking lot and on the roadside.

This attraction has catamaran rides on the lagoon, a ride through mangroves on a long wooden dock, bird watching, Coatis (Yucatecan raccoons), and a cenote. There is an entrance fee because it is administered by the Patronato Cultur.

The State Government informs that during the night of Saturday 17th the beach of Progreso’s international boardwalk was once again the scene of the nesting of a hawksbill turtle, which usually comes to the Yucatan coast to lay its eggs.

Likewise, the Progreso City Hall informed that through the Ecological Police and the Tourism Department, in coordination with the Program for the Attention and Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles of the Yucatan Coast (Partmacy), installed five signs in the Chuburna Puerto beach area in order to prevent more vehicles and ATVs from continuing to damage this important natural area for turtle nesting.

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