Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Mérida, Yucatán, July 09, 2021 (ACOM). – The arrival of dust from the Sahara desert to the area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula, is a phenomenon that will begin to be more noticeable in the coming days.

According to meteorological information, this phenomenon occurs in the summer, when dust particles travel thousands of kilometers from Africa to this region of the American continent, mainly to the Yucatan Peninsula and surrounding states, which generates certain changes in the weather.

The dust of the Sahara remains more than 1,500 meters from the surface and its layer can extend up to 5,000 meters, sometimes generating poor air quality in certain sectors where it passes by.

Juan Antonio Palma, the coordinator of MeteoRed, explained that, in the presence of this phenomenon, it is expected that there will be stable conditions and warm air in Yucatan, as well as the presence of reddish and orange colors at dawn and dusk, a product of the particles of dust.

The meteorology specialist explained that the dust particles spread throughout the Caribbean Sea region and that little by little they were approaching the Peninsula.

“As the days go by, its intensity will increase. We already have dust from the Sahara, only there will be a greater presence. High temperatures will prevail due to the absence of clouds, ” he said.

He recalled that the dust from the Sahara reduces the humidity in the air layer, so the formation and development of clouds is limited, causing little or no rainfall.

Juan Antonio Palma insisted that the excess of dust particles in the atmosphere also increases the scattering of light, causing the colors of the sky to change.