Despite being vaccinated, Covid infections increase among healthcare workers

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

During the past week, 15 people were infected, a situation that continues to increase.

Mérida, Yucatán.- Despite the fact that all health personnel have already received their two vaccinations against Covid, the number of cases of new infections continues to increase, with 15 people infected during the past week, a situation that continues to rise. This is according to the secretary of the National Union of Health Workers of Yucatan Section 67 (SNTSA), Eulogio Piña Briceño.

He pointed out that from six weeks to date, the number of workers who are infected is higher, as there were weeks in which only two or three new cases were reported.

He emphasized that fortunately the fact that they have had two doses of the vaccine applied means that the symptoms are not so strong, but it does affect the number of workers who labor, as they have to take a few days off work.

“Many of these new cases already have their vaccines; of course the contagion and the symptoms are mild, it is not serious because one of the things that the vaccine does is attenuate the symptoms and we have already seen that independently of the two vaccines, you can get Covid, which means that we cannot lower our guard, we have to continue using masks for much longer, even though we already have the two vaccines and that will be for much longer, it will take us this year and part of the next one”, he assured.

He assured that returning to normality will take more time than expected and sanitary measures must be followed, such as the use of masks, healthy distance, hand washing and the use of antibacterial gel.

He regretted that in spite of the situation, people have lowered their guard, which is visible when seeing the beaches, shopping malls and other public spaces with many people.