COVID parties break out in Cozumel: 16 are reported on the weekend

Owners of villas and large houses rent their spaces to carry out "private" parties. Photo: (Sipse)

Cozumel, Quintana Roo, (July 14, 2021).- In just one weekend, 16 non-authorized parties and meetings were reported in Cozumel which poise a risk for the population due to the number of people who attended.

According to reports revealed by the head of the Civil Protection office, owners of villas and homes that have enough space to hold meetings, take advantage of “gaps” in law and regulations to organize their parties.

“These are private properties that we cannot access and act on but the legal way to prevent this from continuing to occur is already being analyzed,”

In addition, it is known that some even search the internet and social networks for homes with enough space for parties and exceed the allowed limits without being sanctioned by the Civil Protection authorities and the Ministry of Health.

According to data made public by Isaac Domínguez, they rent these homes as if they were a party room. During the weekend, a total of 16 parties were detected in homes to which the authorities are prevented from entering.

He added that there are eight houses that in recent weeks are already fully dedicated to this activity, so mechanisms are being sought so that their owners are forced to register as commercial establishments, an activity that they are developing without paying taxes.

Source: Sipse

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