Controversy over Mexico Olympic softball players throwing away their uniforms in Tokyo

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

TOKYO, (July 29, 2021). – Mexican boxers, Brianda Tamara and Esmeralda Falcón, reported through Twitter that the Mexican softball team threw away the uniforms that the Mexican Olympic Committee gave them for their participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

First it was boxer Brianda Tamara, who with a photograph and the caption “This uniform represents years of effort, sacrifice and tears. All athletes yearn to wear it with dignity, and today, sadly, the Mexican softball team left everything in the garbage of the Olympic villages ”, she recounted the situation. This act was harshly criticized on social networks.

The women’s softball team ended their participation in Tokyo 2020 by falling in the bronze match with their Canadian counterpart with a score of 3-2. After their participation, the selected Mexican women left a large part of the clothing that the Committee gave them.

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Boxer Esmeralda Falcón also commented “Perhaps for some of the fellow athletes it means:“ nothing ”these uniforms for many others represent our years of work, dedication, love and passion. Too bad the Mexican softball team doesn’t see it that way. ” This she did with more photographs of various transparent bags with clothing inside.

Brianda Tamara and Esmeralda Falcón have been eliminated from Tokyo 2020 after losing their duels in the summer tournament. The first fighter fell to American Oshae Jones and the second lost to Rebecca Nicoli. Be that as it may, the two made history, they became the first Mexican boxers to participate in the Olympic Games.

“It was due to excess weight”: Softball Federation president

If the Mexican Women’s Softball Team did not bring with it the official uniforms that were given to them for Tokyo 2020, it was due to a matter of “excess weight” in the luggage, as justified by the president of the Federation of said discipline, Rolando Guerrero, who at dawn he went out to defend his athletes.

The leader pointed out that it is not the same to wear all the softball equipment as “only two gloves”, alluding to the Mexican boxers who denounced on social networks what happened with the uniforms.

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

“The decision to leave used uniforms and even gloves. You know that Rawlings glove costs up to $ 200? If they left it, it is because they brought up to three others, “said the manager.

“If it was in the garbage and there are people rummaging through the garbage… It is not the same to carry all the softball equipment as a pair of gloves, without going to attack anyone. It was simply due to being overweight, ”he explained.

The uniforms of Mexico ‘we didn’t even have left’

The manager even criticized the Li-Ning brand garments, which was the official person in charge of dressing the Mexican delegation because those shirts did not correspond to the necessary sizes, which is why they were the items that were left in the Villa.

 “We each gave nine uniforms, three of each color. They had a lot of clothes and if they left that is because they had a lot more. They left the Li-Ning behind because, well, the shirts they gave us didn’t fit me, I was like a sausage badly tied with those shirts, ” he said.

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Why do athletes scavenge? Managerial question

After messages on social networks from boxers Brianda Tamara Cruz and Esmeralda Falcón, who were the first to notice the Softball uniforms in garbage bags, the leader questioned why they inspect garbage bags.

“It turns out that now they even look in the garbage, I don’t know what they call those who look for things in the garbage, but hey. What we want is for Mexico to have won a medal, I don’t like to lose or to have my country made fun of and for no one to say that they did not break it. Let’s see if those who go to the top of the ring do well, let them get to where we are, ” said Guerrero, recalling that both fighters were eliminated in their first fight in Tokyo 2020.

The Mexico Softball team is made up of 13 players that were born in the United States and only two of them were born on Mexican territory, even so, they made history in obtaining the ticket to the summer Olympics.

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