Conade will invest 15 million pesos (750,000 USD) in the “La Inalámbrica” sports complex in Mérida

Photo: (Yucatán a la mano)

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 13, 2021) .- The Sports Complex of “La Inalámbrica” ​​would receive a strong economic investment in 2021 to improve its sports infrastructure, resources that would arrive through the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), as revealed by Carlos Sáenz Castillo, director of the Yucatan Sports Institute (IDEY).

Sáenz Castillo said that a request was made to obtain resources to improve the existing sports infrastructure.

“We manage this money with the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports, from a program of the Sub-Directorate of the Sports area, which is for the rescue of sports infrastructure,” said Sáenz Castillo.

The ‘La Inalámbrica Sports Complex’ was inaugurated in 1999, with new sports options that were not available until then; becoming a suitable site for the realization of different disciplines.

Among the facilities that this sports unit has, are a multipurpose gym with tiered seating, where the main discipline is handball; a sports shooting range; an archery range; a skating rink; Roller Hockey fields; figure skating court, four multipurpose rooms, and a football field.

“We are proposing different areas of this Unit to be the object of investment. Among them is the ‘Deportán’ of the multipurpose field, which already needs to be changed ”, he pointed out.

Other areas that will be intervened are the American football field, where they want to change the natural grass for synthetic, in addition to working in the hydraulic zone, in the stands, the posts, and bathrooms.

“We want to convert the sports shooting area, which is now in disuse, into the new State Amateur Boxing Center, since the warehouse where it is currently located is falling. We already decided to change it from there, “he said.

Among the improvements, the installation of air conditioning in the Polifunctional is also contemplated.

“It is a necessity to air-condition the Polifunctional. It is a sports unit that is located in an unbeatable place, and is one of the most used ”.

The work, according to Carlos Sáenz, would be for the second half of the year, since, being a 2021 resource, it must be carried out before December 31.

If this investment is made, it would be the fourth sports unit in the State to be renovated in recent years, after the “Kukulcán” Sports Complex, the “Villapalmira” Sports Unit, and the “Gral. Salvador Alvarado ”.

“If there is a good operation with the resource and we deliver the vouchers of expenses in a timely manner, as we have always done, Conade intends that next year double this amount will be exercised, which we would channel to other sports facilities. ”, He highlighted.