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8 foods that can get you in a bad mood, (avoid them during confinement)

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Mérida, Yucatán, (July 05, 2021).- Be careful, just as there are foods that help you to be better emotionally, there are others that cause a bad mood, avoid consuming them to feel happier.

Who is not happy to eat and enjoy a delicious dish? And if it’s healthy, it will also make you feel good and make you smile. But, beware, just as there are foods that help you to be better emotionally, there are others that cause a bad mood, since due to their components, they can cause fluid retention or stomach problems and even, due to their excessive degree of additives, affect your emotional states.

According to an article published by the Graduate Journal of Psychiatry, there are foods that can affect your levels of serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness. There are also foods that initially raise it, but then produce a ‘down’ effect on the system, leading to a very high but very brief state of happiness, which then ends up making you feel bad all at once.

In addition, stress and the lack of intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can affect your mood. Another effect that these foods produce is the feeling of guilt; since after ingesting high amounts of calories, sugars, and processed foods, you can feel bad about your body, and as a consequence give the ‘down’ effect. Enjoying food is not bad, but be careful with your portions and what you eat.

Here, some foods with which you should be cautious in their consumption:


Coffee is great for keeping you awake, which is why many people depend on it to start their morning or to survive sleepless nights. However, caffeine causes anxiety, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, and even sudden mood swings. And while this drink provides a source of energy, when its initial effect wears off, the feeling of drowsiness is greater and fatigue increases. Tea can be a good substitute, and it will allow you to sleep better at night.

Photo: (Unsplash)


Soft drinks are high in refined sugars, sodium, and gas, which can give you a roller coaster ride of emotions, as well as an annoying stomach inflammation.

Photo: (Unsplash)


It can be something that you might get to love or even become addicted to. But we have to be very careful, chips have a high caloric content, and not only that; but most of the time, the oils with which they fry them are usually reused, for which they have a lot of bad fats, which reduces brain activity and causes mood swings.

Photo: (Unsplash)


Potatoes, pork rinds, and other fried foods are basically junk, as the name implies, and this type of food does not provide any nutrients to the body, on the contrary, they cause anxiety, nervousness, and irritability; and they usually cause a feeling of guilt after you consume them.

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Although it has fewer animal fats than butter, margarine contains processed plant-based fats, which causes many problems in the body, especially mood swings. Excess consumption, according to the British Medical Journal. It can cause diseases such as being overweight and high cholesterol since it has a high content of trans fats.

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Yes, sweet bread and cake may be your favorites in the world, but they contain more sugar than you can imagine; So for the moment you will feel happy, but quickly the effect will wear off and you will perceive a drastic lowering of your mood.

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As with bread and soda, sugar can harm your body, leading to diabetes, obesity, tooth problems, and more. Commercial sweets usually have many processes, colorants, and additives that make them terrible for your health. If you have a craving for something sweet, better opt for a fruit or a healthy bar.

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You may be thinking, why would it be wrong to drink them if they have less sugar than a normal soda? But despite the fact that it is pointed out that these drinks have no calories, they do have artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which is carcinogenic, according to some studies, and these artificial sweeteners can cause the same effect on your emotions as normal sugars.

Photo: (Pxfuel)

This does not mean that you can never eat these foods, rather that you should do it in moderation and avoid their regular consumption so that they do not affect your emotions or your health.

Source: Food and pleasure

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