200 injunctions in process to request self-cultivation of Marijuana in Yucatan

Homegrown indoor pot plants and leaves. (PHOTO: Thinkstock)

MÉRIDA, MX.- In view of the reforms that were recently approved to allow the recreational use of marijuana, in Yucatán there are already more than 200 injunctions that have been processed so that the Congress of the Union complies with the determinations that were approved by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation on the prohibition of the use and cultivation of marijuana.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation resolved last month the general declaration of unconstitutionality 01-2018, in favor of the cannabis community.

As a result, five articles were expelled from the General Health Law, which prohibited the use of cannabis. Therefore, now the Congress of the Union must adjust the law so that cannabis users are no longer criminalized by the authorities and society itself.

With these determinations, now the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) will no longer be able to deny the permits that people from Yucatan and other states requested to be able to use marijuana, be it for personal consumption and for personal cultivation.

In this sense, according to José Rodrigo Rivera Coronado, a criminal lawyer, and cannabis law consultant, there are currently around 200 injunctions in Yucatán to request a permit for self-cultivation of marijuana.

However, although it will not be possible to commercialize marijuana with the new provisions, at least the cannabis community considers that this is a step and the next step will be that the legislation will protect them so that it is not a crime to possess.

Likewise, the cannabis community is also asking the Yucatecan legislators to address the issue at the state level, since to date it has not been put on the table.