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15 Spectacular Photos Of July’s Full ‘Buck’ Moon Around The World

by Yucatan Times
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July 26, 2021.

Did you see the moon last night?

The annual spectacle of what is best known as the ‘Buck Moon’ was — once again — stunning.

July’s full moon, also known by other nicknames according to different cultures including Hay Moon, Mead Moon, Rose Moon, Elk Moon and Summer Moon, reached its peak on Friday, July 23.

In northern regions, it’s also called the Thunder Moon because it is accompanied generally by summer storms.

If you missed Friday’s magical show, the full moon will be visible until Sunday, according to NASA.

For many sky gazers, the July Buck Moon is not just beautiful but also carries powerful lunar vibes and special spiritual meaning as it appears surrounded by the haze of the summer in its orange-and-yellow glow.

Its best-known name, Buck Moon, relates to the fact that the antlers of male deer reach their peak of growth around this time in July.

For believers in astrology, this full moon is a source of energy and relates to the abundance and ripeness of summer and to a time of unique personal development.

From a less mystical, scientific perspective, the source of the special luminous display of July’s full moon is its perfect alignment with the sun and earth as the sun’s light shines fully on the side of the moon facing earth.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, it was at this time on July 20, 1969, that Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the Moon and planted the U.S. flag in its rocky soil.

The full “Buck” moon rises behind the Russian Orthodox Church of the Apostle Andrew and all Russian. Photo: (Getty images)
July Full Moon Over The Rieti Plain, Italy
Full Moon over the skies of Rieti, Italy, on Friday, July 23, 2021. (Photo by Riccardo Fabi / Getty images)
July's Full Moonrise in New York City
Buck Moon rises behind the Empire State Building as seen from Weehawken, New Jersey. Photo: (Gary Hershorn / Getty images)
Full  July moon in Turkey's Edirne
Behind the Selimiye Mosque over Edirne, Turkey. Photo: (Gokhan Balci / Getty images)
Full Moon With The Madonnina Of The Strait Of Messina
The buck moon with the Madonnina of the Strait of Messina. Sicily on July 24. Photo: (Fabrizio / Gety images)
July's Full moon in Turkey's Edirne
By the Selimiye Mosque in Turkey. Photo: (Gokhan Balci / Getty images)
Full moon July 23th 2021
Behind West Register House in Edinburgh. Photo: (Jane Barlow / Getty images)
full July Moon at the Baltic Sea
Over Usedom Island in the Balotic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. Photo: (Stefan / Getty images)
July Full moon in Brussels
Over Brussels, Belgium. Photo: (Dursun Aydemir / Getty images)
Full july moon at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
During a hockey match between Canada and Germany at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in Japan. Photo: (Ramsey Cardey / Getty images)
Full moon, Summer weather July 22nd 2021
Rising over the BT Tower in central London. Photo: (Hollie Adams / Getty images)
Full July moon in Arlington U.S
Near the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. Photo: (Olivier Douliery / Getty images)
July Full Moon in Istanbul
Rising behind the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: (Isa Terli / Getty images)
Behind the Soviet symbol of hammer and sickle as a plane is silhouetted in Moscow. Photo: (Kirill / Getty images)
The Full Buck Moon Rises in New York City
Passing behind Hudson Yards and the Empire State Building lit in the flag colors of countries competing in the Tokio Olympics. Photo: Gary Hershorn / Getty images)

Source: Forbes

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