Yucatán returns to Orange in the Epidemiological Traffic Light

Photo: (Sipse)

On Thursday, June 17th, a total of 285 new infections and 9 deaths are reported in the state.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (June 18, 2021).- As expected, Yucatán returned to the Orange Epidemiological Traffic Light, given the high number of infections and hospitalizations that the coronavirus pandemic has left in recent weeks.

This Thursday 17th, 285 new positive cases were reported, in addition to the fact that 305 patients remain in public hospitals in total isolation.

Likewise, it was mentioned that there were 9 deaths, one of which corresponds to a person only 35 years old.

Regarding the 285 new infections, it was detailed that 186 were in Mérida, 14 in Umán, 13 in Kanasín, 12 in Hunucmá, 9 in Tixkokob, 6 in Ticul, 3 in Maxcanú, Tahmek, Tekax, Tizimín and Valladolid, 3 cases foreign. , 2 in Akil, Cacalchén, Chemax, Conkal, Kinchil, Oxkutzcab and Uayma, and 1 in Acanceh, Chankom, Chapab, Dzitás, Izamal, Opichén, Progreso, Santa Elena, Seyé, Teabo, Tecoh, Timucuy and Tixpéual, Yucatàn municipalities.

A total of 43,995 people have been infected with Covid-19 in Yucatán since the start of the pandemic, and 37,396 patients have already recovered, have no symptoms and cannot infect, representing 85 percent of the total positive cases.

Contagions in Mérida

Mérida already registers 27,557 infected people, of which 7,823 are in the north, 7,045 in the east, 2,571 in the center, 3,837 in the south, and 6,281 in the west of the city.

The 9 deaths of this Thursday correspond to 6 men and 3 women aged 35 to 85 years who suffered from other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, immunosuppression, asthma and obesity.

Of those people, 7 resided in Mérida, one in Temozón and another in Akil. There are already 4,371 people who have died in Yucatan as a result of the coronavirus.

Epidemiological traffic light

Regarding the Epidemiological Traffic Light, it turned Orange after a few weeks of staying in Yellow, due to the rise in the indicators of the last fourteen days.

It was explained that although the traffic light indicators changed from Yellow to Orange, the implementation of additional measures to those already announced last Tuesday 8th, and in force since Thursday, the 10th, is not contemplated, whose objective is to protect the health of the Yucatecans.

“Those measures that are already underway correspond precisely to the Orange Epidemiological Traffic Light,” the Ministry of Health explained in today’s report.

Source: Sipse