Walmart Mexico is not allowing grocery baggers over 60 to return to work

Photo: MND

(Newsweek).- The decades-old practice of allowing elderly people in Mexico to earn wages as grocery store baggers has come to an end, according to Walmart de Mexico, the country’s largest retailer.

Walmart de Mexico announced in a statement that the coronavirus pandemic and changing consumer habits have forced the chain to do away with grocery baggers over 60. They were expected to return to stores last month amid easing COVID-19 restrictions, but the retailer said in a statement that those plans have been scrapped, the Associated Press reported.

Walmart de Mexico said Mexico City’s ban on plastic bags and the pandemic meant customers no longer want other people touching their groceries.

“Due to the health emergency, we have seen that our customers want to avoid third parties having contact with their purchases,” Walmart de Mexico said in a statement. “Added to this is the fact that under current law to protect the environment, we have stopped giving free, single-use plastic bags.”

Source: Newsweek



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