Votes in two Yucatan municipalities could not be counted by the PREP because ballots were misplaced

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- In Yucatán, the votes of the municipalities of Yaxkupul and Uayma were not counted in the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) 2021 because the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (Iepac) reported lost ballots in these areas.

During the time the PREP was active, the votes in these municipalities were not counted, because on election day there were reports of violence and ballot theft, information that was confirmed by María de Lourdes Rosas Moya, president councilor of the (Iepac).

She confirmed the reason for the omission of information from these two areas, while the rest of the municipalities were counted.

In the case of Uayma, there was even a report of a person injured in a confrontation on June 6th and also of a truck that crashed in front of the polling places to destroy the voting material.

To prevent much of the material from being destroyed, even members of the Municipal Council gave notice to the Iepac authorities that they would be in charge of safeguarding the electoral material.

Likewise, upon learning of this, the electoral body provided support to receive the ballots that had been safeguarded.

The votes of these municipalities will be counted as of this Wednesday and Rosas Moya commented that although the PREP gives a certain degree of certainty, it does not provide the final results, so there is still time to know which candidates are in the lead in these two municipalities.

Since there are municipalities that have 20 ballot boxes, those would be finished being counted until Thursday at the latest and for example, in the case of Merida, which is one of the largest municipalities, the counting would be finished until Friday night, so the Iepac foresees that on Saturday all the counting will be finished.

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