“Temporary hospital at ‘Siglo XXI’ is ready in case it is required” announced Vila Dosal

Photo: (Yucatán a la mano)

Merida, Yucatan (June 23, 2021).- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced that the Siglo XXI Convention Center has all the equipment assembled and ready to be used in case it is needed as a temporary Covid-19 hospital.

He explained that it would take about 48 hours for the sanitation of the place and to test all the equipment, and the venue will be available just like last year when hospitalizations for Covid-19 soared.

According to the figures provided yesterday by the Ministry of Health, in Yucatán, there are 311 people isolated in public hospitals due to this disease, and Vila Dosal commented that last year, in the most critical months, which were July and August, the state registered up to 650 hospitalized.

He considered that at the moment it is not necessary to enable the temporary hospital of Siglo XXI, but despite this, the place is set up, the contracted staff, and if needed, in 48 hours they would be ready to receive patients.

He also mentioned that we are in what appears to be a third outbreak of the pandemic in Yucatan, since only on Sunday the presence of the Brazilian and Californian strains was confirmed, which are much more contagious, but not for that reason more lethal.

He asked the population to maintain the use of the mask, respect a healthy distance and take extreme hygiene measures to avoid the spread of infections, and be more cautious in the presence of the aforementioned strains.