Six political parties could lose registration in Campeche

Photo: (Punto medio)

Campeche, Camp., (June 11, 2021).- Of the ten political parties in the state, and given the historic result of the election last Sunday, only four would be able to save themselves from the ‘bonfire’ due to the loss of their registration.

According to the General Law of Political Parties (Legipe), the political parties must obtain at least three percent of the vote cast in any of the elections for governor, representatives to local legislatures, and city councils to keep their registration, since thanks to this they can obtain public financing.

In this sense, the PRD, which was in coalition with the PRI and the PAN, is one of the six parties that is practically ‘burned’. The so-called ‘Sol Azteca party’, according to the PREP, does not even reach 2% in any of the three votes, since in the governorship it is at 1.04, in municipalities, it is at 1.14, and for local councils at 1.26 percent.

Meanwhile, the PVEM will once again fail to obtain its registration, since it would remain within one percentage point of the legal barrier of three percent.

In the same way, the Encuentro Solidario Party (PES) would be another of the parties that did not reach them to keep their registration, obtaining, for now, 0.69 percent in the governorship.

The Progressive Social Networks party counted at the closing of the PREP 0.57 percent in the governorship; 1.00 percent of the votes in mayoralties, and 1.30 percent in local councils.

The Labor Party (PT) and Fuerza x México are also on the line.

Source: Punto medio