Rio Lagartos City Council fires 40 employees

Rio Lagartos, Yucatan; June 16, 2021 (ACOM) .- Around 40 employees of the Rio Lagartos City Council were allegedly fired on the orders of the mayor.

On Tuesday, June 15th, when the now-former employees came to collect their payrolls, they were informed that they were discharged from their positions.

At night, the group of about forty people went to the municipal palace to talk with the mayor, but he was not there and they were attended by the municipal trustee.

The official was guarded by agents of the municipal police for fear that things would get out of control.

After concluding the meeting the employees indicated that the official solved nothing for them, for this reason, they request the intervention of the state government so that at least they are compensated according to the law.

The former workers accuse the mayor, Erick Alcocer Estrada, of ordering the dismissals in retaliation for not having supported the PAN candidate in last week’s election.