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Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, governor-elect of San Luis Potosí has ​​‘hidden’ properties and millionaire transactions

by Yucatan Times
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The family of Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, alias “El Pollo”, virtual Governor-elect of San Luis Potosí, as well as companies and businessmen linked to him, acquired at least 19 properties with a combined value of 58.6 million pesos in the last 10 years. These operations are under federal investigation because they were not reported to the Treasury.

In the same period, those same people sold 15 properties for 32.5 million pesos.

None of the purchase-sale transactions coincide with their annual returns registered with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), so the origin of the resources with which they were made is unknown.

In addition, Gallardo Cardona and his father, Ricardo Gallardo Juárez, are being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for setting up a money laundry network and for looting more than 734 million pesos from the municipalities of Soledad de Graciano and San Luis Potosí, where they were mayors.

Regarding the acquisition of real estate, in 2016, for example, Gallardo Juárez acquired a property for 7.7 million pesos in Colonia La Constancia, in Soledad de Graciano, although that year he declared income of only 1.6 million pesos.

In 2018 he sold a residential urban plot in Colonia La Constancia for 17 million pesos to the company Servicios y Suministros de la Zona Media, however, in his annual statement he only reported income for 375 thousand pesos.

María del Pilar Cardona Reynosa, mother of the Governor-elect, acquired in 2016 a house, together with Ruth Miriam González Silva (Gallardo Cardona’s wife) for 6.6 million pesos in Privadas del Pedregal, San Luis Potosí.

However, there is no record of the annual declaration of Cardona Reynosa in 2014, while in the following years she reported income of zero pesos.

The network under investigation includes the virtual governor-elect sisters, Kimberly Guadalupe and Candy Araceli, who made acquisitions in his name that did not match their reported income.

Kimberly acquired in 2016 a property for one million 750 thousand pesos in Privadas del Pedregal, even though she only reported an income of 253 thousand pesos.

While Candy Araceli bought a property for 2 million 960 thousand pesos in cash in 2019 in this same neighborhood. No annual statement was found for that year or previous years.

The company Tangamanga Andre S.A. also appears in the investigation. de C.V. -whose shareholders are Ricardo Gallardo Cardona and his sister Candy he-through which four properties were acquired with a joint value of 25.2 million pesos between 2014 and 2018.

While in 2016 he sold an urban residential land in La Constancia, for an amount of one million 512 thousand pesos.

In this scheme are five shareholders of Grupo Axioma Kusuri, supplier to the Gallardo governments.

For example, Juan Carlos Negrete Ayala, who is also director of the Soledad City Council Medical Service, acquired a house for 3.3 million in 2017, while in 2017 he sold a house for 1.8 million. However, since 2014 he has not filed annual returns.

Another is the doctor Juan Carlos Jiménez Rivera, who acquired a property in Villas de San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano, for 3 million 190 thousand pesos in 2016, although in that year he declared income for 9 thousand pesos.

Vicente Valeriano Céspedes Hernández is another of those linked to Gallardo Cardona, who in 2018 acquired a property for 936 thousand pesos in Las Lomas Primera Section, while in 2019 he sold a property for 482 thousand pesos located in Unidad Fidel Velázquez, in Soledad de Graciano . There is also no record of his annual returns.

María Elena Rodríguez Álvarez acquired, among other properties, urban residential land for 1,600,000 pesos in Horizontes Residencial, and a year later a house in El Paseo, San Luis Potosí, for 1,615,000 pesos. Then, she sold three other properties.

Finally, Jesús Ernesto de la Maza Jiménez acquired in 2013 a property for 1 million 390 thousand pesos located in Residencial Miravalle, San Luis Potosí, in addition to these years when he sold two lots and a house.

Despite this, in 2014 and 2015 he reported his annual return in zero, while from 2016 to 2018 he reported income for amounts between 72 thousand and 79 thousand pesos.

Source: Reforma

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