Republicans file resolution to censure Biden for ‘dereliction of duty’ at southern border

Nearly two dozen Republicans introduced a resolution to censure President Joe Biden for what they describe as a “failure” to uphold immigration laws related to the influx of migrants at the southern border.

“My censure resolution holds President Biden accountable for his actions – or lack thereof – at the border,” Rep. Lauren Boebert, one of 21 Republicans to sign their name to the resolution, said in a statement Wednesday. “Biden has refused to enforce the laws securing our border, he has refused to visit our border, his border czar Kamala has refused to visit the border, and his Secretary of Homeland Security is lying to the American people by saying that our border is closed.”

The text of the resolution conveys a “disapproval of the failure to uphold the constitutional duty to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’ and the usurpation of the legislative authority of Congress by the President of the United States.”

The resolution accuses Biden and his administration of “usurpation of the legislative power of Congress” by not funding border wall construction and for a “failure to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’ as required by the Constitution.”

The Biden administration has been criticized by Republicans, as well as Democrats, for its handling of the influx of migrants at the southern border, which resulted in more than 180,000 border patrol encounters in the month of May alone.

After months of criticism for not visiting the southern border, Biden’s “border czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris, announced Wednesday that she will make a trip there on Friday.

Former President Donald Trump took credit for the move and released a statement suggesting that his vocal criticism of the Biden administration’s border policies played a role.


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