Red Cross Yucatán has two new modern ambulances

Photo: (Yucatá

Mérida, Yucatán, (June 22, 2021).- The delegate of the Mexican Red Cross in Yucatán, Michelle Byrne de Rodríguez, reported in a bulletin about the acquisition of two new ambulances with state-of-the-art technology that will be at the service of all the citizenship.

“With these new ambulances we increased our fleet from 27 to 29 ambulances for the entire state, which will allow us to expand coverage in the emergency service and continue with our mission to save lives,” she said.

Michelle Byrne added that the institution performs between 700 and 800 services each month in the state, so the new ambulances will improve response times. She recalled that since the beginning of the health emergency due to Covid-19 and until now, 1,896 transfers of this type have been made.

The sponsors that made possibe the acquisition of the new ambulances for Yucatán are Fundación Bepensa, Mérida City Council, Grupo Lodemo, and Distribuidora Mayorista de Tornillos (DMT).

The cost of each unit is 1,300,000 pesos.

Counselor Byrne de Rodríguez added that to receive the vehicles, four paramedics traveled on May 17 to the National Training Center (Cencad) in Toluca, State of Mexico, to pick up the units and later attend the official ceremony in the national headquarters of the Red Cross.

The vehicles also have a stretcher, marine stretcher, cervical-lumbar stretcher; cervical collars, skull immobilizers, spider type, portable suction unit, first contact kit with moldable splints, two Bullard type cases, oxygen tank, current inverter, turret, intercession, and scene lights, among other accessories.

Units YUC-031 and YUC-032 are part of a total of 46 ambulances that the president of the National Council of Directions of the Mexican Red Cross, IAP, Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas, delivered on May 18, so the ambulances have already been located in the Yucatan delegation facilities.