Nine more deaths from Covid-19 registered in Yucatán in the last 24 hours

MÉRIDA.- Authorities reported this on late Monday, June 7, 195 new cases, in addition to 9 Covid related deaths had been recorded in the state of Yucatán.

It was announced that the deceased were 6 men and 3 women, ranging in age from 43 to 77 years old. Eight resided in Merida and one in Tizimin.

Male 43 years old from Tizimín. Obesity
Female 49 years old from Merida. DM/Immunosuppression
Male 51 years old from Merida. No comorbidities
Male 52 years old from Merida. No comorbidities
Male 52 years old from Merida. Without comorbidities
Male 58 years old from Merida. Immunosuppression
Female 75 years old from Merida. Arterial Hypertension
Female 75 years old from Merida. DM/Arterial Hypertension
Male 77 years old from Merida. Arterial Hypertension/Cardiovascular disease

Yucatan accumulates 4,280 deaths due to Covid-19.

New infections:
139 in Merida
13 in Ticul
12 in Valladolid
8 in Progreso
6 in Umán
4 out of town
3 in Tizimín,
2 in Espita and Kanasín
1 in Conkal, Hunucmá, Oxkutzcab, Santa Elena, Tinum and Tzucacab.

Out of the 41,566 positive cases registered in Yucatan, 360 are from another country or another state.
35,657 have recovered, have no symptoms, and are not contagious.
1,389 patients are stable and are isolated in their homes. They are constantly monitored by medical personnel. They have mild symptoms.
32,301 sentinel surveillance cases.
240 are in public hospitals and in total isolation.
The age range is from one month to 99 years.

In Merida alone, there are 26,047 people infected with Covid-19 (accumulated as of June 6), from the following gegrapchical areas of the city:

7,420 in the North zone
6,640 in the Oriente zone
2,444 in the Central zone
3,628 in the South zone
5,915 in the Poniente zone