New Covid-19 strain in Yucatán; the Health Secretary speaks of an atypical growth of cases

Mérida, Yucatán, (June 09, 201).- The Secretary of Health of Yucatán, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, pointed out that the growth in the number of Covid-19 infections in recent days is atypical in the state, and the possibility of the presence of a new strain of the virus is being considered.

Before this is done, samples of the latest infections have been sent to the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE) to confirm or not if it is a new strain of Covid-19 present in Yucatan.

Sauri Vivas recalled the prevention measures such as the use of face masks and healthy distance, which are essential to have an open economy, “because we cannot have businesses that increase capacity, but stop taking care of the use of face masks since, again, the new normal does not allow us to be irresponsible with this. “

However, Sauri Vivas stressed that vaccination is a preventive measure, so we must continue to take care, because the vaccine does not make them exempt from contracting the virus and infecting someone who may end up dying, “the vaccine is only a reinforcement for prevent the disease from developing seriously ”.

For this reason, we hope that in the coming weeks the effectiveness of the vaccines of the age groups already vaccinated will come into operation and that, with this, the pressure on our health system will be released, which, although it is not compromised today, is It is important to stop the exponential growth of the indicators. Let’s prove once more that working together, as one, we can face any challenge, concluded the SSY holder.