Mother attacks her daughters with a knife in Ciudad Caucel

Photo: (Sipse)

One of the minors was taken to the hospital for an injury caused by the knife.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (June 03, 2021).- This Wednesday, June 02, early morning a terrible case of violence occurred in Ciudad Caucel when a woman allegedly tried to take her own life after attacking her two daughters, both minors, with a knife.

The events occurred on Wednesday, June 2nd, in a property located on Calle 100 by 71 and 73 of Ciudad Caucel, where a woman, who allegedly suffers from a mental illness, attacked her daughters, 8 and 12 years old. The causes of the attack are unknown.

Residents of the area were the ones who reported the events to 911 after hearing the screams of both girls and noise in the house.

Agents and paramedics from the SSP arrived at the premises, who managed to attend to the girls and the youngest was taken to the hospital because she presented an injury caused by the knife.

The woman, realizing her actions, barricaded herself on the premises threatening that she would take her own life.

However, the policemen managed to convince her to leave her house, although she was also transferred to the hospital, since she apparently injured herself when she wanted to take her own life.

Source: Sipse