Mining workers trapped by mine collapse in Coahuila, México

Authorities confirmed that there are seven workers inside. Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

COAHUILA, (June 05, 2021).- Seven miners remain trapped inside a trawl mine that flooded shortly after 12 noon this Friday, June 4th, located in the Rancherías community, in the municipality of Múzquiz, the Coahuila government’s Ministry of Labor reported.

In a statement, the agency confirmed that the workers were trapped after the mine was flooded, adding that they received the accident report at the site around 12:50 p.m.

“In the report, it was stated that some people who were at work ended up trapped inside the mine. Staff and authorities of Civil Protection, Single Command (police) and Labor inspectors arrived on site to carry out rescue and investigation work.

“According to preliminary investigations, there are indications that the flood was provoked by an accident inside the mine.”

Based on comments from other miners, Public Ministry agents have the theory that the workers were drilling the underground to extract the mineral and broke the wall of an abandoned excavation flooded by underground rivers.

Orlando and Pedro Sánchez, who managed to get out of the mine, asked for support from the 911 emergency system and notified the families of those trapped.

The workers are identified by their colleagues as Humberto Rodríguez Ríos, 40 years old; Gonzalo Cruz Marín, 53; Leopoldo Méndez Flores, 24; Francisco Briseño, 24; Damian Robles Arias, 27; Pedro Ramírez and Mauricio Cortés, of unknown age.

The president of México specified that the National Guard and the Army are already at the site of the collapse conducntig a rescue a operation. 

Source: La Jornada Maya