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Mexico will allow DEA and FBI to enter the country

by Yucatan Times
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The government will open the doors to US security agencies, under new rules. They can only enter if they ask for permission, says the President

MEXICO, CITY, June 01, 2021, (EXCELSIOR).- The government of Mexico decided to give access to United States security agencies, such as the DEA and the FBI, as long as they comply with the rules, notify in advance, and ask for permission to enter the territory.

This was reported by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who detailed that so that there are no operations with negative balances in the country, such as the so-called Fast and Furious, the regulation of visits to our country by agents of these agencies.

He stressed that the government of Mexico “has nothing to hide,” so it promotes transparency with other countries, as long as they respect the regulations.

Regarding the trip of the representative director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), David S. Cohen, to our country, the chief executive assured it was a “routine” visit.

President: Mexico, open to scrutiny

López Obrador explains that the CIA representative director’s visit was “routine”; the law no longer allows foreign agencies to operate without the knowledge of the government.

Based on transparency and rules, Mexico decided to open its doors to all United States security agencies, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, describing the visit to our country by the representative director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), David S. Cohen, as “routine”.

However, López Obrador clarified that the new rules require security agencies to “request permission and notify” the government of the Republic of their presence.

Routine visit

“It is a routine relationship, a routine visit, he clarified that he was the representative director and they are very respectful, and we have decided to listen to everyone and open the doors to all governments, to international diplomacy, to all agencies, to the DEA, to the FBI, we have nothing to hide, transparency, a golden rule of democracy, only that there are rules, remember that the law on the matter has just been reformed and it is no longer the time of before, in which agencies intervened in our territory even without asking permission, without warning, that is no longer allowed, ” said the President.

He added that so that there are no longer operations with negative balances for our country, such as the so-called Fast and Furious , it was decided to modify the regulation of visits to the national territory by these agencies.

He reiterated that cooperation with the US government is essential and there is a good relationship, there is friendship, and collaboration.

We share a border

“In addition, we are forced to agree because we are neighbors, we have a border of 3,180 kilometers in common and we are working well, that is why the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, will be with us on June 8, but the issue is related to migration and much progress is being made, “AMLO said, rejecting that Cohen’s presence in our country was to evaluate Mexico’s relationship with Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

By ruling out that this was the reason the US official visited our country, he commented that there is progress in containing the immigration problem, since, unlike last March, when the problem worsened, currently there are better results in the deportation of migrants who try to cross the border when registering a significant drop in these operations.

He stressed that the joint plan carried out with federal, state and municipal authorities is giving results.

“We are no longer on critical levels of illegal immigration” AMLO concluded.

Source: Excelsior

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