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Izamal, Yucatán, (June 16, 2021).- Kinich is a Maya word that means “face of the sun”, but it’s also a restaurant located in the Magic Town of Izamal, Yucatan that has a menu that exposes all the culinary traditions of the state from the hand of traditional cooks and experts in the traditional Yucatecan cuisine.

About 50 minutes from the state capital we find this municipality that has a particularity: all the facades are painted yellow, and yes, it looks like the face of the sun.

The indigenous and viceregal heritage of this place is undeniable when seeing it but also when tasting its delicacies.

Kinich, the taste of Izamal 

Without fear of being wrong, we can state that nothing in their menu will disappoint you, so go ahead and ask freely. Georgina Pech, a traditional cook, and chef who supervises the restaurant’s kitchen, is also interested in knowing how the diners are enjoying their visit to the restaurant.

Among its entries are all the Yucatecan snacks: papadzules, panuchos or chaya empanadas. These are accompanied by habanero sauce and Sikil Pak, which is a paste made from pumpkin seed very common in the states of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Now that you’ve tasted the entrees, you definitely cannot miss the lime soup, which is a turkey broth with a touch of lime juice, the flagship soup for Yucatecan food, or you can also order the rice with plantain, which is a warning that you will find this fruit in various dishes.

Prepare all your senses to receive the main course among fantastic smells and flavors. Stuffed cheese is a complete delicacy that consists of Dutch cheese stuffed with ground meat and accompanied with the famous ‘Recado Blanco, a kind of mole.

There is also the famous Cochinita Pibil that is prepated in a traditional way – in a pib – with pork marinated with sour orange, achiote, and spices from the region; wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground with firewood. Accompanied with cured onion and strained beans.

If you have a space left, try the Relleno negro, which is chicken and pork cooked in its consommé with ‘Recado Negro’ made from roasted dry chilies, tomato, onion, and spices from the region. The experience and the seasoning result in a dish specially made in the traditional festivals of Yucatan.

So now you know, if you go to Yucatan you cannot miss the Magic Town of Izamal and much less the food of Kinich.