In revenge, a man sets fire to his brother’s grocery store in Peto, Yucatàn

Photo: (Yucatàn al instante)

Peto, Yucatàn, (June 04, 2021).- A subject addicted to drugs would have taken the family problems he has with his brother to a grocery store owned by the latter, which he set on fire on Thursday, June 3rd, in the municipality of Peto, Yucatàn.

The events occurred at approximately 9 in the morning at the “San Miguel” grocery store, located on Calle 28t (between 57 and 59), in the Trinidad neighborhood of the Peto municipality.

At that time, the store employee saw that L.A.P.A., 45 years old, brother of the store owner, entered the establishment.

The individual began to wander through the stationery area, and when he left the store, the employee noticed that there was a fire.

She immediately called the owner, M.A.P.A., 33, who called the fire department. Unfortunately the flames advanced rapidly and the store was declared a total loss.

Firefighters protected the gas LP stationary tank from a tortilleria located next to the store. Fortunately, they controlled the flames before they spread to the mill.

The store owner mentioned that he has problems with his brother, but he never imagined that he would do something like that to his family business.

Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)