Hemp and Cannabis Garden installed at the Parque de la Paz, in Merida

The purpose is to expose a food and medicinal agrosystem. Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Merida, Yucatan, (June 01, 2021).- Collectives and people in favor of the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana installed, on May 28, the Ya’ax Lu’um Garden (Green Soil) in the Parque de la Paz, in Mérida, which is made up of different varieties of medicinal, aromatic, and food plants; among them Hemp and Cannabis.

Photo: (Yamil Recéndiz)

The purpose was to expose a food and medicinal agrosystem, associated with species of traditional use, that can be replicated in the public gardens of the different parks of the city of Mérida and the municipalities in the state of Yucatán so that society knows and identify the cannabis plant in a communal, traditional, or urban garden system.

Photo: (Yamil Recéndiz)

This action is part of the mobilizations called by the National Network #Plantón420 throughout the Mexican territory, due to the lack of regulation of the consumption of the plant in the Congress of the Union and the absence of a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), within the framework of a possible declaration of unconstitutionality against the General Health Law.  

Photo: (Yamil Recéndiz)

According to Cuauhtli Laguna Peraza, of the cannabis collective Dzac Yah, the SCJN (Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation) had a deadline of April 30 to declare four articles of this aforementioned law unconstitutional that penalize the recreational use of this plant, however, there was only silence. “That implies complicity with Congress and that leaves us in a gray area,” he warned.

Photo: (Yamil Recéndiz)

He also explained that on April 30 the last extension requested by the Chamber of Representatives of the Congress of the Union to legislate on cannabis also expired. “Civil and peaceful disobedience is our flag to exercise our rights and demand them,” indicated the groups. 

For the activist, with this people will not know if it is legalized or not, or if the consumption of cannabis was regulated, so they carried out this intervention as a protest, but also to destigmatize this plant and lose their fear; in addition to other people replicating this type of orchards and crops in their homes, he commented. 

Source: La Jornada Maya

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