Gunshots reported at a polling place in Cancun (VIDEO)

Quintana Roo Elections: They report shots fired at the Cancun polling place. Photo: (Sipse)

Fortunately, there are no reports of injured or dead people. Police secured the area.

Cancun, QRoo, (June 07, 2021).- Poll officials and voters had to drop to the ground after hearing several gunshots near one of the polling points during the elections this Sunday, June 6.

According to preliminary information, the events occurred on Avenida Andalucía, one block from Avenida Cancún in Region 527, behind Cecyte 2, Cancun, Quintana Roo.

In that place, a firearm detonation was reported near the polling place.

Witnesses revealed that the shots were fired by subjects traveling aboard a black truck. They even assured that the aggression was directly against the voting booth.

The citizens who lined up to cast their vote withdrew in terror after the detonations. Meanwhile, videos that were shared on social networks show how the polling station officials threw themselves to the ground under the tables.

An intense mobilization was carried out in the area in search of those responsible, but so far no percussion caps have been found.

@De Peso AlMomento # Cancún Video of poll workers and voters on the floor after shooting

@De Peso_ Cancun This is the experience lived at the polling place after firearm detonations.

Source: Sipse