Four arrested in Progreso for causing disturbances in the streets

The lawsuit took place on Monday night on 18th Street between 33 and 37 in that area of ​​the port. Photo: (Sipse)

Four people arrested with knives and a can of gasoline.

Merida, Yucatan, (June 02, 2021).- Police officers of the port of Progreso arrested and transfer to jail four people that were attacked each other in the streets of the Victoria neighborhood, with blows, kicks, machetes, and pipes, and even with a can of gasoline.

The brawl took place on the evening of June 1st, on Calle 18 (between 33 and 37) in that area of ​​the port. The authorities received a call from residents of the area asking for help because several people were fighting in the streets, and several vehicles were dispatched to the indicated site.

When the police arrived, they confirmed the information. Three men and a woman were hitting, kicking and punching each other, but not satisfied with that, they brandished machetes, steel tubes and even a can of gasoline, as if they wanted to throw it on top of their opponents to set them on fire and watch them burn.

The uniformed men immediately intervened, and arrested these four people, confiscating machetes and other objects. The detainees were taken to the municipal jail for the corresponding procedures. 

They identified themselves as Jorge A.M.D., 29 years old; Domingo C.C., 19; Rosa I.C.C., 41, and Isidro C.T., 55 years old.

Source: Sipse