Don’t forget your umbrella, storms will continue in Yucatan.

Also forecasted, temperatures will reach 39 degrees Celsius

Also forecasted, temperatures will reach 39 degrees Celsius

MÉRIDA, Yucatan (Times Media Mexico).- The weather in Yucatan today, Thursday, June 10, will continue to be rainy and storms will be strong to very strong in the center, south and northwest of Yucatan.

A tropical trough and the influence of a tropical wave moving over Central America will cause an increase in clouds starting in the morning, leaving strong storms in the northwest, south and center of Yucatan.

Wednesday’s downpour was a preview of what is to come, as in the next few days weather conditions will allow for even more rain in the Yucatan Peninsula. Showers with heavy thunderstorms are forecast for Merida. In terms of temperatures, highs will be 34 to 39 degrees throughout Yucatan, while in Merida highs will be 34 to 37 degrees, with thermal sensations above 40 degrees.

It is worth mentioning that due to the downpour on Wednesday, two commercial flights that were supposed to land in Merida did so in Cancun, one coming from Mexico City and the other from Miami.