“Dirty Water” Chinese restaurant goes viral in Merida

From: Social Media

The place license was temporarily suspended.

MÉRIDA, Yucatan (Times Media Mexico).- A few days ago, images circulated on social networks of an employee of the “Yu Lin” Chinese food restaurant in Merida’s downtown area, carrying a bucket of sewage from a puddle in the street, which was allegedly used to “clean” the place.

As of Tuesday, June 8, the place was temporarily suspended by the State Health Department for violating several provisions of the Health Law.

The Chinese restaurant located near the corner of Calle 67 and 62 in downtown Merida, was shut down with a seal that cannot be violated until the establishment pays the fine that was most likely imposed to reopen.

It must be emphasized that in the present coronavirus pandemic, the responsibility for hygiene in food establishments is even greater, since carelessness can cost lives, so many people are watching to ensure that the provisions are complied with, as happened in this case evidenced by social networks.