“Cola de Caballo” Horsetail Plant, useful in serious kidney and bladder conditions

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Mèrida, Yucatàn, (June 03, 2021).- Just as each organism is different and some herbal remedies have a very good effect on us, others perhaps not so much, and then we need to change to some other plant, it is also very important to have faith that what we consume can help us. That is, sometimes even with the most sophisticated medicine, if we do not believe in it, it may not work. But, nature is so kind that there are many solutions and surely many more to discover. One of the wonders of herbal medicine is horsetail. Its scientific name is Equisetum arvense: ‘Equisetum’ comes from the Latin: Equus which means horse and seta, bristle. And ‘Arvense’: Latin epithet that means “that is cultivated in the fields”.

For many years it has been well known in alternative medicine, especially for its hemostatic (coagulant) power and its effectiveness against serious kidney and bladder conditions. Horsetail is a plant that is used to decrease “fluid retention” (edema), for kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urine (incontinence), and general disorders of kidneys and bladder.

Propiedades de la Cola de Caballo: beneficios de su consumo, usos y cómo  tomarlo
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It is currently used to combat bleeding, vomiting blood, kidney and gallbladder diseases, stones and grit. Horsetail helps in cases where other diuretics don’t usually work. Flavonoids and potassium salts justify its diuretic effect.

 The abundance of silicic salts gives it remineralizing properties and contributes to the maintenance of the fundamental substance of the connective tissue (collagen) by the fibroblasts, increasing the elasticity of the tissues.

Cola de caballo, una eficaz planta medicinal contra la retención de  líquidos - Foto 1
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Silicon is a mineral that we find in our body, and it is essential in the formation of all our tissues, both the epidermis, as well as muscles and bones, especially in connective tissues such as nails, cartilage, and tendons, it helps to maintain their resistance and strength. Its consumption is more practical in capsules.

Cola de caballo para adelgazar rápido, el remedio milenario.
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