Clear recovery of travelers by land in Yucatan

As mobility restrictions were lifted, people regained the confidence of road travel. Photo: (Sipse)

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (June 04, 2021).- The House National Motor Carrier Passenger and Tourism ( CANAPAT ) estimates a better recovery in Yucatan for the second half, fueled by summer holidays, with a higher growth than that of the Easter holiday period.

The delegate of the Canapat in the state, Eduardo Córdova Balbuena, stressed that the fact that the State remains at a yellow traffic light in the face of the coronavirus pandemic has helped to recover the confidence of traveling by road to various destinations in the southeast and the rest from the country.

He added that the removal of restrictions on mobility has also promoted an improvement, although he pointed out that citizens must continue with the same awareness of taking care of themselves maintaining health provisions, and avoiding the delay of the economic reactivation.

He specified that routes have been recovered to destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum (Quintana Roo), which leave at 04:00 AM and that had been canceled to respect the decrees of the state government.

“These schedules are necessary for the people who are traveling for working reasons to those destinations, we have already been able to reestablish these routes, and we are very pleased because it is in attention to the passengers who seek to arrive in time and form to their working meetings”, Córdova Balbuena said.

The data
  • During the pandemic, Grupo ADO stopped about 400 buses, but currently just over 50 percent of the units have been put to work.

Source: Sipse