Can this be the one that hits the Yucatan?

Conagua reports a phenomenon with a cyclonic possibility in the Atlantic area.

The authorities have punctually monitored two meteorological phenomena found in the Atlantic Ocean, one of which has increased its probability of becoming a tropical cyclone by 80 percent in the next 5 days.

It is a tropical wave that is still a long way from the Caribbean and Mexican coasts, but due to the evolution it has had in recent days, it remains under constant surveillance, to take the corresponding precautions.

As we previously reported, this phenomenon is advancing at about 35 kilometers per hour in a north-northwest direction and is heading towards the Mexican Caribbean, but at the moment it does not represent any risk.

Although at the moment they are still very far away, we must not forget that we are already in hurricane season, so people must be aware in case a phenomenon of this type hits our region.