Campeche’s main market will close its doors temporarily on June 28

Photo: (Por Esto)

Campeche, Camp., (June 25, 2021).- The Undersecretary of Markets reported that on June 28, the market will close its doors for cleaning and disinfection work

The Main Market “Pedro Sainz de Baranda” will close its doors on June 28 due to the refusal of the Ministry of Public Security to enclose the perimeter of the supply center again, as indicated by the Representative Director of Markets of the Campeche City Council, Eleazar Herrera Vazquez.

He explained that the issue of the banquets remains unresolved after the requests were made, and until the Ministry of Health does not give an opinion, the Secretariat of Public Security of Campeche does not close again the supply center for the benefit of the citizens and tenants.

Regarding the cleaning, he explained that on Monday, June 28, floor washing, garbage collection, and disinfection work will be carried out in the supply center, so he asked those who want to open their premises to consider the problems that may be generated.

“That’s why we will sanitize, disinfect, clean, we will be picking up waste, among other things, when we finish cleaning in the afternoon we will add sanitizer against COVID-19, to protect the market and give certainty to people and tenants,” he said.