Bus runs over motorcyclist in downtown Mérida

Photo: (Yucatán al instante)

Mérida, Yuc., (June 5, 2021).- This Friday, June 4, at 15:10 hrs, the Municipal Police of Mérida learned of a traffic event on the corner of Calle 61 with 68, in which the bus with Yucatan license plate number A-03535Z, driven by Miguel RR, and the motorcycle license plate number TRZ1U guided by Gustavo C. de la C, had an encounter.

Agents of this police corporation arrived on the scene to carry out the proper operation.

Similarly, paramedics from the corporation attended the motorcyclist who was polytraumatized and injured in the thorax for which he was transferred to the T-1 IMSS Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Likewise, Rosario CT was attended on-site by paramedics, who turned out to be poly constructed, so she was also transferred to T-1 for her attention.