Belize was the first Central American country to allow vaccinated travelers without COVID-19 testing, according to Travel + Leisure, opening its borders back in mid-March. You’ll need to bring proof of vaccination showing your last dose at least two weeks prior to arrival, and some travelers may be randomly selected for secondary screening that includes testing at the airport.

Pre-travel process

✅ Negative Test. You may or may not need to get a Covid-19 test to enter Belize. No test required for airport entry if you are fully vaccinated. See below for more details on testing requirements. A negative test may still be required upon exit if you are visiting from the United States.

✅ Gold Standard Accommodation. Tourists visiting for vacation only must have a booking or reservation at a Gold Standard accommodation in Belize. Gold standard properties include hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, hostels, and live-aboard yachts as long as they are licensed “tourist accommodations”.

✅ Transportation. You must make arrangements, prior to arrival, for transportation to your gold standard accommodation. You may be asked for proof of transportation arrangements by officials at the airport. Approved transportation include Private Shuttles, hotel transfers, airport rental carsgolf cart rentals, domestic flights, and airport taxi. 

⛔️ Health App. 
This is NO LONGER REQUIRED. [Read the App Guide.]

✅ Departure Test. The US Government now requires all passengers returning to the United States to show proof of a negative covid test taken 1-3 days before returning or proof of recovery from Covid in the past 3 months. Pre-Book your Departure test today to avoid airport delays or severe vacation disruption. Self-test kits are not legal in Belize.

Testing Information

Everyone (age 5+) entering Belize via the airport, unless fully vaccinated, must present a negative covid-19 test result at the airport in Belize. Testing is also available on arrival at the airport. [See more testing details below] Those who test positive will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days.

COVID-19 in Belize: Level 2 (moderate)

The CDC warns against nonessential travel to Belize for those who are at increased risk for severe COVID-19, and recommends all travelers be fully vaccinated before they go.

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