Bad weather aggravates the arrival of sargassum in Quintana Roo

The situation has already hurt the tourism sector; there is cancellation of reservations. Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

QUINTANA ROO, (June 19, 2021).- Current weather conditions aggravate the problem of sargassum on the beaches, said Governor Carlos Joaquín González, who explained that on days like these, with abundant rains and choppy seas, the anti-sargassum barriers are overcome.

“The easterly winds bring the sargassum towards the coast; the strong tide goes through the barriers and the sargasso boats cannot navigate. When the barrier is surpassed the boat stops being useful ”, he emphasized.

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

The key, he said, is for the algae to stay on the barrier and for the boat to lift the sargassum; As this is not possible, the cleaning work that municipalities and beach concessionaires carry out on their shores becomes more important.

Joaquín González said that he met with the technical advisory committee and they determined that there will be more tables with specialists on sargassum to find direct solutions; They will work on ship repair schemes, greater operability of the sargasso boats, and rehabilitation of barriers.

According to the report issued by the Secretary of the Navy, abundant algae landfalls are expected in the coming days, mainly in the municipalities of Othón P. Blanco and Solidaridad, specifically between Xcalak and Tulum, and to a lesser extent in Playa del Carmen.

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

For his part, the president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) in the Riviera Maya, Lenin Amaro, assured that the situation is already damaging the tourism sector since it has generated cancellations.

He considered it urgent that Semar take a second barge to Playa del Carmen to collect aquatic plants, in addition to the one that already operates on the Quintana Roo coast, and install a new barrier.

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

The businessman assured that the massive arrival of sargassum on the beaches causes discomfort among tourists, who take photos and share them with their acquaintances, which led to last-minute cancellations.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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