Air and maritime connectivity is returning to Yucatan

(Image: Travel Mexico Solo)

The State of Yucatan has seen increase air and maritime connectivity with the U.S. As of June 5, Dallas/Fort Worth was connected with Merida Airport with the arrival of an American Airlines flight. American’s weekly service will operate every Saturday until Aug. 14, with a total of 11 round-trip flights.

In addition, Carnival Cruise Line announced that on July 26, one of its ships will arrive at Puerto Progreso, which is part of the reinstating of operations in the North American and Caribbean regions. Progreso will be one of the destinations included in its first itineraries.

The Carnival Cruises shipping company informed about the health protocols that federal and state authorities are implementing for the arrival of passengers to the port of Progreso, as well as the security protocols that commercial and service establishments maintain in the state of Yucatan, to receive travelers under the highest standards of health safety.

“Within the tourism industry, the cruise ship sector has been one of the most affected and thanks to the strict measures of the CDC (Center for the Control and Prevention of Diseases of the United States) and fortunately after more than a year we are already seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and it is already promised that after several pauses, activities will now begin by the end of June ”, declared Jaime Rogel, CEO of Navitur