After looting of turtle nests in Yucatan, environmental authorities reinforce security

Four species of sea turtles arrive on the Yucatan coasts, turtle camps are in charge of protecting them. Photo: (Televisa)

YUCATAN, (June 04, 2021).- Before the beginning of the nesting cycle of the Hawksbill turtle, environmental authorities reinforced the security protocol in the 350 kilometers of the Yucatan coast, to protect the eight turtle fields.

“We have patrols that provide surveillance 24 hours a day. The ATVs are dedicated to checking the coast because there is a lot of stranding of turtles, they can come up anywhere in the entire beach area ”, reported Obdulio Mena. Director of the Ecological Police of Puerto Progreso.

On the north coast, 14 nests were illegally extracted and two turtles were found dead, in both cases, there is an environmental crime.

“Yes, illegal trafficking or damage to an endangered animal is considered a crime, in this case, to destroy a turtle nest is considered environmental damage in the penal code and looters can be sanctioned with up to 9 years in prison,” confirmed Sayda Rodriguez. Secretary of Sustainable Development of Yucatán.

Brigadiers from state and federal agencies monitor that neither men nor animals prey on the eggs and incubation pens set up in camps, considered as life conservation units.

Vehicles approaching nesting areas or the beach must be identified, as a preventive measure

“When we are under surveillance and we see any vehicle, either it’s a car, ATV, truck, or trailer, we go over and conduct a review,” said Javier May. Police Captain.

The surveillance operations to avoid predation include tours on the coast by boats and bikes to detect more nests, When they are found, they are geo positioned and in case of risk, they extract the eggs.

“When little turtles hatch, sometimes there are dead or damaged and we take them to the Tortuguero center. To heal them so they can be released back to their habitat ”, Javier May concluded. Police Captain.

In 2020, more than 1,300,000 eggs were counted in the turtle fields.

Of the eight species of sea turtles in the world, seven arrive on Mexican coasts, four of them arrive in Yucatán: hawksbill, white, leatherback and loggerhead , all protected by Mexican laws and considered in danger of extinction.

Source: Noticieros Televisa