PROGRESO, YUCATAN.- To avoid closing the beaches of the Malecon and affecting the summer season and the tourist activity, especially now that the return of the cruise ships is announced, it is convenient to vaccinate more inhabitants, said Roberto Sánchez González, president of the local Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur).

The restaurateur Luis Jorge Vargas Rivero agreed that more people should be vaccinated, young people, waiters, artisans, vendors and others who work on the beaches, for greater safety and attention to visitors and cruise ship passengers who are due to return next July.

He said that on the beach a healthy distance is naturally kept and that between the palapas there are three meters of space, the people on the boardwalk are in the open air, they are not exposed to contagions, unlike the closed places that have air conditioning.

He also said that closing the Malecon, as the state government did during the Easter vacations, causes visitors to go to other beaches in this municipality and to neighboring ports, and this affects the businesses of the businesses along the Malecon, and the people of Progreso.

The Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY) informed that as of today, Thursday, vehicular mobility is again restricted from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., all week; the licenses of bars and cantinas to operate as restaurants are suspended, and the capacity of restaurants and religious centers is reduced from 75 to 50%, to stop the increase of Covid-19 cases in the state.

In this regard, Sanchez Gonzalez said that the measures will affect the activities that were already underway, such as the operation of restaurants, but he considered that these are necessary due to the increase of Covid-19 cases.

When asked if there is a risk of closing beaches during the summer, he replied that beaches should not be closed.

“Summer vacations start on July 1st, in 20 days, so what we have to do is to get more and more people vaccinated, everyone should be vaccinated, especially now that it is announced that the cruise ships will return next month, so all Tourism service providers should have the vaccine against Covid-19”, Sanchez Gonzalez concluded.