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13 scientific Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

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Is sleeping with your dog a good idea? Science says yes!

June 29, 2021.- There is an active debate in the pet community about whether or not co-sleeping with your dog is the best practice. Some studies show that sleeping with your dog can result in a bad night’s sleep.

However, numerous other studies tout the benefits of letting your dog sleep in the bed with you. For example, sleeping with your pup has many mental benefits such as an increased feeling of safety and comfort. People suffering from PTSD found that sleeping with their pets helped diminish nightmares.

There are physical benefits as well, like the fact that sleeping with your dog releases oxytocin in the brain. This is the chemical that’s released when a person falls in love, or when they are around their baby. The chemical promotes theta brainwaves which are associated with REM sleep. This means it’s likely that you’re sleeping deeper when sleeping with your pet. The chemical also mitigates anxiety and stress, which can help you sleep better.

Petting and touching your dog can even help lower your blood pressure. This not only happens during the waking hours but when you sleep with your dog too.

Science says sleep with your dog: Reduce stress, improve your heart
Photo: (Dog´s best life)

The graphic below explores even more benefits of sleeping with your dog. Of course, remember that co-sleeping is not for everyone. Those who are injured or those who are very light sleepers might consider letting them sleep nearby in their own bed. Read the below information and make your own decisions about what’s right for you!

sleeping with dog EASES INSOMNIA
sleeping with dog REDUCES STRESS

Source: The bark

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