Yucatecan bodybuilders stand out in the Mr. Mexico tournament in CDMX

Photo: (Grillo de Yucatàn)

Mérida, Yuc., (May 04, 2021).- Yucatecan physic-constructivism athletes obtained eight trophies in Mr. México last weekend: three first place, two second places, and three third places, the event took place in Mexico City.

The 42nd. Mr. Mexico Youth and Veterans Tournaments were held at the facilities of the National School for Sports Trainers (ENED) in Mexico City, where recognition was also given to the Government of the State of Yucatan for applying sanitary measures that allowed the reactivation of this activity last year.

The highest medal winner was Luz Cimá Fernández who won two pro WEO places, in a beginner bikini over 1.65 meters tall and a youth bikini, while the other first place went to José Zaldívar in the youth category of up to 90 kilos.

Músculo" yucateco, presente en Mr. México, Estrellas del futuro

The silver medals went to Kristian Castillo Sánchez, second in physical novices over 80 kilos and in veterans and the bronzes were taken by Sheila Hunter Taylor in bikini wellness master, Ángel Gabriel Barrera in the children’s category, and Karla Ché González in figure novices up to 1.60 meters tall.

Source: G de Yucatàn