Yucatecan beaches crowded despite Covid-19 health contingency

(Photo: Yucatàn al instante)

During the weekend there was a large influx of visitors in Progreso and Chelem

Mèrida, Yuc., (May 04, 2021).- A large number of visitors was registered in Progreso and Chelem during the weekend, May 01 and 02. The beachgoers crowded the beaches to cool off in the sea due to the intensely high temperatures that have been recorded in the State, others came to the ports to have a good time with the family.

Neither the reconstruction work of the International Malecón de Progreso nor the sky that clouded at times and nor the epidemiological yellow traffic light, prevented Yucatecan visitors, nationals, and foreigners, from enjoying the crystal clear waters of these ports.

The restaurants on the shore, as well as other areas of the ports, hotels, convenience stores, coconut water stands, and products derived from this fruit, as well as those who offer Micheladas were among the most popular.

Street vendors of kibis, sweets, mangoes, plums, pens, items to play on the beach, and face masks, musicians returned to the Yucatecan beaches as well as the clothing, handicraft, and souvenir stalls that were installed along the Malecon.

In these ports, it was possible to observe the high influx of national tourism insistently seeking to cool off since they are not used to the intense heat that prevails in the entity. The Yucatecans took on the beaches and most of them forgot about the healthy distance and other health provisions.

The May Hernández family went to the port to celebrate Children’s Day, since on Friday due to work reasons they were not able to do so; most of them had not been to the beach for several months.