Yucatán, ranks first at the regional level in circulation of counterfeit bills

Photo: (Sipse)

Mèrida, Yucatán, (May 31, 2021).- Between January and March 2021, 769 allegedly false bills have been sent to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) for analysis, according to the institution’s own report.

This figure represents more than half of those seized in 2020 when 1,368 were sent but during the 12 months. On average, this year 256 pieces were already insured each month; meanwhile, last year, the figure was just 114.

This means that, in comparison, the monthly average has doubled, and is close to the average registered in 2016, the third year with the most pieces analyzed since 2015, according to Banxico statistics.

The year in which the most pieces were sent for analysis was 2018, with a shortly seen figure of 7,276 pieces; As we have already said, the second most “prolific” year was 2017, although very far from the first place, with 3,755.

At the regional level, Yucatán ranked first in apocryphal bills with 768, just three more than Quintana Roo, with 765, but both very far from Campeche, with 441. Throughout the country, the CdMx “leads” this “department”: with 23 thousand 774 pieces, followed by the State of Mexico, with 8 thousand 221; and Jalisco, with 6,648.

Although the peninsular states are not in the last places of the whole country, they are located in the “lower” part of the national list of counterfeit bills.

Source: Sipse

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