Yucatán government presents #StayInYucatan campaign to promote tourism among locals

Photo: (Yucatàn a la mano)

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 24, 2021).- In a video that shows the cultural colors of the Yucatecan land, the Governor of the State, Mauricio Vila Dosal, extends an invitation to the inhabitants to visit the cultural centers of our land while maintaining health strict prevention measures against Covid-19.

I invite you to rediscover # Yucatán, enjoy its colors, flavors, and traditions, maintaining prevention measures, and taking care of our health. Our state has the perfect option for everyone, that’s why you must STAY IN YUCATAN! #QuédateEnYucatán.


The state government offers through its official website contact with tourist agencies that guarantee users to live the experience, suggestions on where to go and information on the tourist market and travel offers.

Yucatán is a land full of color; of waters that shine in the night; of green forests and red, yellow, and purple flowers, of impossibly blue, orange, and pink skies; of yellow streets and terra cotta houses; of art and multicolored food; and, above all, of more varied and unique people than you could imagine.

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365 Days in Yucatàn. Photo: (yucatan.com.mx)