Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media

Freedom is one of the most important things to all human beings. Freedom is something so precious, that there are people who would rather die free than live while imprisoned or enslaved.

The right for all humans to move and act as they please (within reason) stems from our innate desire to have control over our lives. It comforts most people to know we are the masters of our own fate and are not at the whim of some faceless “boss” or “master.”

The freedom to do as we please such as using our jackpot casino login for some fun is very important to us. This is why it is not very surprising to learn that a lot of people want to become entrepreneurs nowadays.

People hate going to do work for other people! Nobody wants a boss who is going to tell them what to do all the time. Especially when it makes your life feel like nothing but an endless grind to slowly climb your way up the corporate ladder.

Where to Start?
So, you’ve decided to start a business? Congratulations! Fanfare and parties and all that for you. But, the probably usually comes with what is the next step? Where do you go from there?

Well, this is where social media comes in to start with. You need to get your name out. You could advertise or spread things around by word of mouth, but social media has a huge advantage over advertisements.

Social media feels more personal. If you have a person who regularly interacts with your consumers, it will begin to build a community around your business, rather than you just being some corporate entity out to make some cash.

This is important because people trust friendly humans. People don’t trust scheming CEOs and businessmen. So, you need to build up your community! Start attracting fans around your business or yourself as a person.

This will begin to spread your name more and more, and it can be much more effective than regular advertisements. The internet is a powerful tool, but only for those who know how to use it.

Think about it, how fast and viral do internet memes and videos spread around? How many times have you shown your friend a funny image you found on the internet for them to only say “I’ve seen it.” You can use this power if you are genuine. Make jokes and memes about your company, but don’t make it obvious. Maybe mention your company’s name in a post asking questions about something you provide or do work on.

The point of spreading your name isn’t to make people immediately rush and buy whatever product or service you are offering, it is so when they do need it, they will think of you.

How do you think advertising works? Do you think that advertisement for laundry detergent was really made to make you immediately jump out of your chair and run to go buy laundry detergent? No. That’s never going to happen.

Advertisements like that are just to plant the idea in your mind that your product exists and is good at what it does. So, subconsciously, the next time they are in the grocery store looking for that product, they will look more favorably on your brand.

Sponsorships of social media influencers is another great way to use social media to your advantage. It has all the benefits of advertisements, with a couple of extra bonuses sprinkled on the top of it like the cherry on an ice cream sundae.

The main advantage of sponsorships goes back to what I said earlier about being genuine and about community. People hate corporations and they hate rich billionaire entrepreneurs even more.

If they see your product as another evil money-grabbing product that doesn’t care about who it has to crush down to make money, then people will hate or boycott your company.

They may say all press is good press, but as a small business, bad press can ruin your reputation and make you crash before you ever hit the ground.

Well, I suppose that depends on what kind of bad press it is. Some bad press could send you soaring into being a millionaire if people run out to buy your product because it was deemed “evil” or was going to be banned.

Nevertheless, it is best to avoid large controversy as a small business, as it will mostly end badly for a business unless they are one of the lucky ones. I digress though.

My point I’m trying to make is that sponsorship brings in a beloved figure or personality on the internet, and then has them tell people the benefits of your product or service. To many people, this will be like a recommendation from a close or trusted friend.

For you, this means people will look at your product or service as being of higher quality, trustworthy, or dependable. The best part is that it also is looked on less like an advertisement and more as just a sponsorship.

Sure, people know that it is still just an ad, but it doesn’t have the same negative connotation. People are more likely to feel a subconscious trust in sponsorships rather than in ads. After all, if it was a bad product, then why would their favorite YouTuber or Instagram star have accepted being sponsored by them?

Real Sponsorships Working
For anyone who has spent any decent amount of time on YouTube, what would you do if you wanted to make a website? Something tells me many of you had the words “Squarespace” or “Wix” pop into your head.

I don’t blame you, the same thing happens to me. I don’t need to make a website, but if I did, I can guarantee that I would seriously consider using one of those services simply because I have seen them mentioned so often by YouTubers.

I mean, if so many people are talking about them, they must be good! Well, not really. But for the average person, they would probably think that. Things that are common names or big brands are usually looked on by most people as higher quality.

Do they have any proof of this? No, not really. It’s not like everyone has tried every single brand of everything there is and decided that the popular ones are the best. It is just simply because people are happy to assume that if something is popular it’s because people liked their product.

And why would they like their product? Because it is superior to other products of course. Advertising and name brands are all just psychology. You are quite literally bending and manipulating the minds of your consumers to think favorably about your products.

People can say all they want about how much they hate ads or how they always skip them. Maybe they even use an ad blocker! But, they will still see the company’s name spread around other places like billboards, shopping carts, and the like.

You don’t need people to watch your ads, or even know why your product is good. Sure, you should do that stuff because it is important that people can find information if they want it. But at the end of the day, social media is great at spreading ideas. All you need is to give them an idea.



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