“We had plans for Mother’s Day, now I’m going to bury my son”: Brandon’s mother

"Don't expect to see my son on that plank dead." Marisol, Brandon Giovanny's mom. Photo: (Special)

Brandon Giovanny Hernández Tapia, 13, was one of the 24 fatalities left by the collapse of the Golden Line of the Mexico City Metro

Mexico City, May 05, 2021, (EL UNIVERSAL).- The collapse of the metro tracks of Line 12 “La Linea Dorada” last Monday, May 03, left a balance of 24 dead among which is Brandon Giovanny Hernández Tapia, 13 years old, whom his mother was desperately looking for.

In an interview, Marisol, her mother, declared that she and her son had plans to celebrate May 10, Mother’s Day, but they will no longer be able to do so. “Now I’m going to bury him”.

“I didn’t expect to see my son on that table dead,” Brandon Giovanny’s mother said after having to identify her son’s body in the morgue.

Together with Giovanny’s grandmother, Marisol searched all night in hospitals for her little son, but she could not find him in any of them and no one gave her information about where her son was. 

It was until the afternoon of this Tuesday, May 4, that the name of Brandon Giovanny appeared on the list of people who died after the collapse of the tracks. 

During the search for little Brandon, Marisol and her mother asked Claudia Sheinbaum’s government authorities to find those responsible and to take charge of the tragedy because “that fault was already there.”

Giovanny was traveling with his father in one of the wagons that collapsed on the night of May 3; So far it is reported that the father of the minor is seriously injured in a hospital in the area.

Source: El Heraldo

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