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Turtle walks again thanks to a Lego wheelchair in Baltimore (VIDEO)

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BALTIMORE, (May 25, 2021).- A Terrapene carolina turtle,  better known as a common box turtle, was found by a Mireland Zoo employee with lesions on the underside of its shell at the Intriper site. 

The zoo worker tookthe turtle to the surgeons of the place and they quickly decided to perform a surgery in which they joined the pieces of his shell, but although they succeeded, the doctors faced another great challenge.

“Due to the location of the fractures, we are faced with a difficult challenge, that of maintaining the mobility of the turtle but, at the same time, allowing it to heal properly,” explained Dr. Ellen Bronson , senior director of animal health, conservation and health research at the zoo, however they couldn’t let the bottom of the shell touch the ground either.

A vet outside the zoo “They don’t make turtle-sized wheelchairs, so we drew some custom sketches for the turtle and its current needs. Then we sent it to a friend who is a LEGO enthusiast.  “

Photo: (MVS Noticias)

The color chips of the frame make the tires keep their distance and that the reptile sits on them, so that it can be ” suspended ” it is helped by the outer edge and edges that support its body, making the animal’s legs free so they can move.

Thanks to the wheelchair, Pedro, the turtle, can make natural movements such as stretching his neck or closing himself inside his shell.

“The tortoise will likely use its LEGO wheelchair   through winter and spring, until all the fragments have fused together and fully healed,” said Dr. Bronson.

Source: MVS Noticias

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