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The Specialized Unit against animal abuse will be created in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Vila Dosal announced that he has issued instructions to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) for the formation of this Unit, which will begin to operate once the agreement is published in the Official Gazette of the State Government.

Mérida, Yucatán, (May 25, 2021).- During a supervision visit of the veterinary module and Peek Park in Paseo Verde neighborhood, to the west of the city, jointly promoted by the State Government and the Mérida City Council, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced the creation of the Specialized Unit in Combating Abuse of Domestic Animals of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), an instance that will offer better care and strengthen the investigation of this type of crime, as part of the commitment to care for and protect these living beings.

Accompanied by the mayor of Mérida, Alejandro Ruz Castro, Vila Dosal reported that he has issued instructions to the FGE to create this Unit that will depend on the Vice Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Electoral Crimes and the Environment and will begin to function once the agreement is published in the Official Gazette of the State Government.

“In this way, we will continue to promote respect for animals, but also investigation and punishment of those who do not respect them,” said the Governor.

During their visit to the veterinary module and Peek Park, Vila Dosal and Ruz Castro verified the operation of this space that offers residents of the western part of the city and those who visit the Paseo Verde a well-equipped space with professional staff where their canines can receive veterinary care.

There, the Governor and the Mayor supervised the new veterinary infrastructure from where general consultation services, minor cures, rabies vaccination and sterilization are offered, as well as the specialized areas that Peek Park provides to promote the recreation of the animals.

Photo: (Yucatàn al instante)

When giving his message, Vila Dosal indicated that the now veterinary module and Pek Park was a park area for these animals that was little used, so the State Government, through the Institute of Mobility and Urban Development Territorial (IMDUT), granted the City Council of Mérida this space for the creation of the veterinary module for the western area and to continue with the park for canines, which underwent a rehabilitation.

Photo: (Yucatàn al instante)

Before Senator Raúl Paz Alonzo, the Governor pointed out that when he was a local representative he had to promote the reform of the Penal Code through which the mistreatment of animals is penalized, obtaining prison sentences for the first time in Yucatán for those reasons in 2013, and later, in 2015, as mayor, he created the Animal Protection Unit in the Municipal Police and in 2016 he put into operation the first Veterinary Module of the Mérida City Council in the Chichén Itzá neighborhood, east of the city.

“Together with the City Council of Mérida we are making possible a new Veterinary Module, now in the west of the city and surely others will come later because we are already talking to be able to put one in the south of the city,” added Vila Dosal.

Finally, the Governor thanked the municipal authorities, especially the Mayor of Merida, but also the veterinary schools and civil associations for the effort and coordinated work that has been done to improve the conditions of the animals in the city of Mérida.

“Here in Yucatán we are convinced that working together, hand in hand with the 3 levels of Government is how we can generate the benefit of citizens. We are going to continue making, together, from Mérida and Yucatán, the best place to live in all of Mexico ”, concluded Vila Dosal.

In his speech, Mayor Alejandro Ruz recognized the support of Governor Mauricio Vila, as well as the interest and coordinated work with the state authority to integrate this new space into the municipality for the care and well-being of the municipality’s fauna.

“Undoubtedly these actions come to strengthen the public policies outlined in the City Council since the beginning of our administration, as well as in the signing of the Mérida 2050 agenda signed with the state government, in which part of the work focused on animal care was precisely the creation of veterinary modules where they could be given the attention they deserve ”, he indicated.

He also thanked the support and participation of the animal protection associations, which, through the Municipal Committee for the Protection of Fauna in Mérida, have made contributions to improve and enrich the Municipality’s Fauna Protection Regulations.

In the place, the Governor and the mayor were able to meet and talk briefly with Neyzer Yair Chan Medina, who this day attended this space for recreation and veterinary care so that his 4-year-old dog “Nico” can receive a general check-up and his vaccine against rabies, and afterward, he was able to enjoy the facilities, which he described as very good and necessary in that area.

“I think it’s very good that this place has been reactivated because that way we can bring our pets to de-stress, and there is also the veterinary module,” said Neyzer Yair.

“I decided to come to take advantage of the veterinary services and for Nico to live with other dogs since he is very sociable. General consultation and other basic treatments for dogs are offered here, such as vaccination, treatment, and sterilization ”, concluded the young man.

In this framework, the director of Social Welfare of the Mérida City Council, Jesús Armando Aguilar y Aguilar, pointed out that the space that was visited today has around 1,800 square meters, in which it is divided into three parts: the veterinary module and an area for small breeds and one for big breeds.

Aguilar and Aguilar said that with the creation of the veterinary module and the operation of Park Peek, a problem in the western sector has been solved since now they have one more space for animal care and welfare.

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