The man who killed Rodolfo with a machete walks free out of prison

On April 28th, The Yucatan Times informed that the man who killed a defenseless little dog by the name of Rodolfo was arrested. However, on Sunday, May 9th, only 10 days later, the man was set free, due to the fact that the judge did not consider that killing a dog with a machete was a “serious fault”.

José ‘N’, accused of murdering a little dog named Rodolfo Corazón with a machete, was provisionally released.

The release order was imposed by a judge who considered that it was not a case of serious animal cruelty.

The defendant will be able to continue his process under provisional liberty with precautionary measures that prevent him from leaving Sinaloa, according to El Universal.

José ‘N’ must go to court periodically, where he will face his process and receive psychological assistance.

The announcement about the provisional release of the person who killed the little dog Rodolfo Corazón was released in El Universal on Saturday, May 8. However, the authorities have not issued an official statement.

Let us remember that on April 26, a Control and Prosecution judge linked him to the process, with preventive detention of one month to continue with the investigations.

The process has been advanced by holding a hearing, where the judge ruled that it was not an act of serious animal cruelty.

The case of the little dog Rodolfo Corazón
In April, images and a video were disseminated on social networks where José ‘N’ could be seen killing the little dog named Rodolfo Corazón with a machete, after the animal allegedly attacked his girlfriend.

The video of Rodolfo’s murder caused anger and outrage on social media, sparking a wave of marches and petitions to demand justice.

The murder of Rodolfo Corazón was registered in the Cedros subdivision of the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Demonstrations led by activists and environmentalists managed to get the Sonora Attorney General’s Office to lift an arrest warrant against José ‘N’.

Source: El Universal